orlowski“As my Latin teacher at Leonia High School, Dr. Keith Massey taught me the valuable lesson of “attention to detail.” Through his teachings, I became more productive in my daily work assignments. Dr. Keith Massey was an outstanding teacher of mine who transitioned to a good friend upon graduation.”

Stephen Orlowski – Account Executive, New Business Development – Pittsburgh Pirates

nancy“I worked with Keith for ten years before retiring from teaching. As a colleague he was certainly competent and professional. But it was always obvious that what makes him truly effective in the classroom is a patient and compassionate nature that allows him to positively engage students and inspire them to achieve their greatest potential. 

His book Top Secrets: Lessons for Success from the World of Espionage is a great place to meet the teacher I describe above, as well as follow his story to the NSA and learn practical lessons for success in your personal and professional life.”

Nancy Crincoli – Retired Educator

Eddie VelezTop Secrets, is a fun read that captivates you, pulls you in and immerses you in fabulous tips, insight and how-to’s from the world of espionage you can use in business. Protect your data and communications, while gathering intelligence on your competition. If you’re a C-Level executive or business owner, you MUST read this book!”

Eddie Velez – CEO, Success by Design Marketing

Elisa Shah“Keith Massey’s book Top Secrets: Lesson for Success from the World of Espionage was a fun and inspiring read. The information he shares as he tells the saga of how he came to work as a linguist at the NSA gave me practical and helpful insights on tackling the various challenges we all face in our professional and personal lives. The second section of the book is a treasure trove of important information about the world of espionage and lessons one can take from it and apply to whatever field we seek to excel in.”

Elisa Shah – Commercial Real Estate Agent

Bracken Hays“Keith and I worked together in the Office of Counter Terrorism at the NSA after he returned from Iraq. At the time I was assigned there, working as a Global Network Exploitation Analyst, Keith and I worked on several National-level counter-terrorism projects, developing strategies for a rapidly evolving target set. Keith was our go-to linguist for the most difficult problems. His breadth of knowledge of modern Computer Network Operations and the National Intelligence Enterprise, coupled with his deep understanding of the target mindset, culture, and language, made him an essential member of the counter-terrorism team at NSA. I would proudly work with Keith again, if the opportunity arose.”

Bracken Hays – MSgt, USAF (Ret)
Currently Security Engineer/Penetration Tester, Tangible Security Former NSA Senior Network Exploitation Analyst, US Army Advanced Cyber Cell Exploit Lead, US Army Cyber Opposing Forces, US Army Red Team

female avatar“I worked with Keith in the Office of Counter Terrorism at the National Security Agency. It was such a fast-paced office in which the technological and human challenges just kept coming. Fortunately, we were a well-oiled machine of conscientious professionals. Keith was highly skilled and diligent, but most distinguished by his good nature and robust sense of humor. We hated to see him go, and I hope to work with him again someday. And if anyone’s wondering, his favorite Beatle is George.”

J.P. – Arabic Linguist at the NSA

raquel“Dr. Massey’s engaging vocabulary-heavy approach to learning languages allowed me to move quickly and effectively through four years of high school Latin. The research and passion Dr. Massey puts into decoding obscure inscriptions and cryptological mysteries, exploring the origins of a word, and even just finding the original source of an ancient quote has inspired me that random impulsive questions are well worth pursuing. His enthusiasm for languages and learning is infectious.”

Raquel Espasande – Linguistics Student at NYU

male avatar“I worked with Keith in Iraq in 2004, when we were both deployed there. He was NSA. I am still with the CIA (God, help me!!). His expertise in developing Intelligence with his NSA tools was impressive and certainly assisted us in our HUMINT mission.  I never told him how much I marveled at his gift for languages.  But perhaps more important than all that was the fact that Keith’s cheerful demeanor boosted morale despite all of us living and working in what, at the time, was still a War Zone.  Between the endless hours of work, the ever-present heat and the grind with which one day became the next, it was not an easy place, but I learned a lot from Keith’s ability to keep his faith and humor in the midst of all that. I have come to appreciate Keith all the more in the years since, missing his professorial smile and his deep belly laughter.  I suppose in life, ya only get to meet a few “warrior-poets.”  None are missed more than you, Brother!”

T.C. – Clandestine Officer with the CIA