Would Your Business Survive if Your Competition Knew All Your Secrets?

Learn How to Protect Your Company from Corporate Espionage with Top Secrets

W ith Russia hacks in the news, the WannaCry debacle getting its second wind, Guccifer, DNC meltdown and ransomware becoming an accepted NEW normal, if you’re not prepared, it’s a matter of time before it affects your business and income. Corporate espionage is rampant and you can be ready with Top Secrets: Lesson for Success from the World of Espionage.

Dr. Keith Massey, former NSA Counter Terrorism Agent, historian and linguist, takes you through his journey to becoming an NSA spy and shares wise insight, practical tips, resources and how-to’s the average C-level executive and business owner can employ to protect his or her business, and gather intelligence to help you compete successfully.

Eddie Velez: CEO, Success by Design

If you are a serious business person, this is a book that must sit on your shelf next to all your other business books. This information is NOT taught in business school and should be mandatory reading for all who enter the entrepreneurial arena or lead an organization. Directors, managers, supervisors and executives should read this book in every organization, so that the body is operating as one cohesive secure-minded entity.

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