Are You Spy Material?

AgentWhen one thinks of an NSA or CIA spy, the picture of James Bond or Mitch Rapp is what most think of. The secret training from Shaolin Monks in the art of self-defense; marksmanship training by Marine Corps Force Recon snipers; skydiving, rappelling, SEER (search, escape, evade and rescue) training at Coronado, and all the latest sophisticated gadgetry you can imagine comes to mind. Not to forget the snazzy sports cars… but I digress.

While this plays well for a great movie or novel, the reality is that one needs a muscular brain more over a muscular body to be a successful spy. One needs to out-think the enemy, decipher on the go, adjust to unforeseen circumstances and be able to dip into your technology bucket to overcome and communicate with the various stakeholders one may encounter. Being an under the radar, average Joe or Jane who can come and go without notice is not what comes to mind.

So who would notice a school teacher and Eastern Orthodox Deacon? That’s as easy going, non-threatening, avoid-any-danger kind of guy that NO one would consider – right? Never mind that he’s a linguist and historian, an expert at Latin, religious history (especially in this religiously contentious war against radicalism) and speaks Arabic with a focus on Iraqi and Egyptian dialect.

Keith Massey: Former Counter Terrorism Agent

Global War on Terrorism Civilian Service MedalMeet Keith Massey, Ph.D. – Former NSA Counter Terrorism Spy (shaken not stirred).

Keith lives in New Jersey, summers in Romania and writes in between. A Latin high-school teacher and Eastern Orthodox Deacon, who has trudged the sands of Iraq gathering intelligence vital to the war on the ground and in cyberspace. For his service, he was awarded the Global War on Terrorism Civilian Service Medal, in 2004.

intermediate arabic for dummies by keith masseyKeith is a former three-time university instructor, a Past Commander of his Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla, historian and linguist, and author of Intermediate Arabic for Dummies.

He has a BA in Latin and Greek, an MA in Old Testament studies, another MA in Hebrew and Semitic studies, and a Ph.D. in Hebrew and Semitic studies, with a minor in Arabic. An expert in the most volatile region in the world, Keith rushed to the defense of America after 9/11.

Top Secrets: Lesson for Success from the World of EspionageKeith’s experience has taught him many skills, strategies, tactics and lessons on survival and winning in the world of espionage, and has decided to share those insights in his book Top Secrets: Lessons for Success from the World of Espionage.

The very same tactics and strategies used by nation states to compete and succeed, are the same strategies used by corporate entities. Whether one is competing in the world of business as an employee, or he or she is the owner of the company, being able to secure one’s assets and capitalize on intelligence are the keys to winning. Moreover, subtle life lessons, many taken for granted, are invaluable to implementing successful spy tactics to a business.

In a world where ransomware, hacking and “big brother” have become commonplace in our vocabulary and accepted new normals, Keith has made it his NEW mission to help people understand the rules and how to use them to their advantage.